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Learn the Metamorphic Technique


During the two day course, students will learn to use the Metamorphic Technique with confidence on friends and family. They will also gain a clearer understanding of the work. People who wish to continue to practitioner level will need to do additional work and complete a second course.


Having done the first weekend, students may join the Metamorphic Association as associates giving them access to our members' website and e-newsletter.


Certificates of attendance will be provided. 


  • History of the work

  • The Principal of Correspondence

  • Detachment and its importance

  • The Prenatal Pattern/Evolution of Consciousness in the womb

  • Characteristics of the feet

  • Birth Patterns and how they affect our present day behaviour

  • Conceptual Pattern


" I do not interfere and people enrich themselves."


Tao te Ching

Tripuri Dunne

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