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Flower Essences


Tripuri has been working with Bach Flower Remedies for 20 years having completed practitioner courses with Judy Howard and Stefan Ball at The Bach Foundation. In recent years, she has extended her practice to include Australian Bush Flower Essences and Bailey Flower Essences.

Bach Flower Remedies


Dr Edward Bach’s flower remedies have become a household word in the last ten years and yet he started his work in the 1930′s.Tripuri says “I remember smiling when I saw the logo on the side of a red bus in London describing Rescue Remedy as Yoga in a bottle!"


As a Reiki master, Tripuri has used these gentle but effective remedies consistently with clients of all ages and found that using Bach flower remedies really helped to support the treatments. Often clients find that emotional as well as physical issues come to the surface during a Reiki session and being able to identify these different feelings gives the practitioner the opportunity to make a remedy to treat the person and support them through the healing process, especially if they unable to have follow up treatments.


You can find more information about Bach Flower essences on the website

Australian Bush Flower Essences


The Australian Bush Flower Remedies are full of sunlight and uplifting energy. They can be used to heal a wide range of conditions and different states of mind. The unique teaching of the remedies is that if we heal the emotional state this will often bring about physical improvement and changes in our life.


Australian Bush Flowers are available as a range of 65 individual essences that can be used individually or combined to treat any specific application. They can also be used as room sprays.


For more information on Australian Bush Flower Essences, visit the website at

Bailey Flower Essences


Bailey Flower Essences were created by Dr Arthur Bailey in 1967, who, although involved in healing and meditation for most of his life, came from a rigorous scientific background. His love of nature and flowers in particular led to his research and development of the essences.


Tripuri has known about the Bailey essences for years but only recently started to use them in her practice. This was during a period of personal change in her life when many old issues came to the surface. In a moment of crisis a very good friend sent her a small bottle containing a combination of three Bailey essences and she was truly amazed by the results. Tripuri was reminded once again of the wisdom and power that nature has within itself to sustain our vitality and heal us as we journey through life.


For more information on Bailey essences and to see some beautiful pictures of the flowers used in the remedies visit the Bailey website at

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