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Tripuri is an experienced practitioner and Reiki Master. She is a member of the Reiki Alliance, an international community of masters who practice and teach this system. She is the Membership Secretary of the Reiki Association and has sat on the National Reiki Council since 2004. She has treated people suffering from a wide range of conditions, as well as attending clinics and hospices. Treatments can be given in person or through distance healing.

What is Reiki?



Reiki is a hands-on healing technique based on the idea of a universal force, an energy which is all around us. 


Emerging in nineteenth-century Japan, Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is literally Japanese for “Universal Energy".


Reiki works on all levels of one’s being – Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual – whilst supporting the immune system and bringing a sense of balance and harmony to the body.


"Be kind to people"


Mikao Usui

Who is Reiki for?


There is no belief system attached to Reiki so anyone can experience a Reiki treatment.


Having received a treatment, many people progress to learning the techniques from a Reiki Master so that they can use them to self treat or to help friends and family.


The Japanese letters above show Rei, meaning "universal", and Ki, meaning "life force".

What is it useful for?



Reiki offers positive and beneficial support as we face life's challenges. It will relieve acute pain immediately, although deep seated conditions may take several treatments.


Under the new Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) guidelines, Tripuri is not allowed to list the wide range of conditions that she feels can be helped by Reiki, however she has found that it can be used effectively in conjunction with both allopathic (conventional medicine) and complementary treatments such as homeopathy and acupuncture.


Healing can often give support and relief to people undergoing difficult and painful processes. She has found Reiki to be particularly effective for healing emotional problems resulting in compulsive behavior, especially when combined with Bach flower remedies and acupuncture or homeopathy.

Distance Healing


Tripuri receives many requests for sending distance healing which she is happy to do. 


Please email her first with details or call her for a 15 minute consultation. Tripuri will then send Reiki at an agreed time.


She charges £30 for a 45 minute treament and £45 for a full treatment.






"Tripuri has been a wonderfully supportive teacher over the years. Even though she is not based in London anymore, I find that she is always there when I really need her. If I am not able to have a treatment from her on one of her London visits, I ask her to send me distance healing and I find it incredibly helpful.” MN


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