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Read comments from Tripuri's clients, students and colleagues.

Sally Roberts, Muirhead & Roberts Physiotherapy, London


"I have worked with Tripuri over the space of 13 years, both in training and workshops. She is always professional, sensitive, works with clarity, is far sighted and wise in her role as a Reiki Master. I am happy to recommend her".

Emma Jones, Nottingham


"I have recommended Tripuri to other family members who have also found great benefit and comfort in her healings. Distance is not a barrier to accessing her wonderful treatment as Tripuri’s distant healing works like magic. Reiki can and does work on a distant level superbly".

Debs Hoy, Norwich


“Tripuri’s workshops are light-hearted and participatory, and she has the ability to hold every person in the room and call forth exactly what they need in any given moment. I have trained with her, attended lots of her workshops. I encourage Reiki practitioners, masters, and students of all Reiki lineages to come and meet Tripuri and embrace this opportunity to go deeper with your Reiki practice!”

Melanie Glanville, London

"Tripuri Dunne is a remarkable, intuitive and inspiring Reiki Master and practitioner of the Metamorphic Technique. She embodies the highest ethical and professional standards, working with wisdom and integrity at all times. She is held in the warmest regard by her colleagues, students and clients alike – a much loved and valued member of the natural health community".

Mamta Nanda, London


"When I first found Reiki, about 20 years ago, I did not know much about it. I am so glad that I found Tripuri. I rang her to ask about joining her Reiki class and asked her if I needed to do anything before coming to the class. I still remember her words ‘just come with an open mind’. I was a little skeptical I guess and her words of wisdom have served me really well over the years. Reiki has helped me at all levels, in all spheres of my life. I feel that I get all that I need from my Reiki practice and more.


I love the way Tripuri nurtures her students and how she empowers us to find our own path. I have trained as a Reiki Master with Tripuri and can recommend her very highly. Thank you Tripuri for helping me discover Reiki and for all the learning and support over the years".


Alexander Gray, London

"Tripuri has been treating my whole family for almost a decade. She initiated my mother, sister, cousin wife and myself into Reiki I as well as my sister, mother and myself into Reiki II… Her teaching skills are soft and focused, her treatments are powerful and precise and her winning smile and dedicated personality make her a wonderful mentor, therapist and friend. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…X"

Camilla Read, Bristol

"Tripuri is an inspiring Reiki Master and I would recommend anyone to have a treatment with her if they have never experienced Reiki, or indeed if they have. Tripuri is traditional in her approach and has a wonderful mix of sensitivity, humour and warmth".

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