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Reiki I 'Shoden'


This is the First Degree Initiation into The Usui System of Natural Healing, honouring the spiritual Lineage of Usui, Hayashi, Takata, Furumoto and Johannes Reindl. The course runs over three to four days during which students will be initiated by Tripuri, who will also teach a sequence of hand positions for self-treatment and the treating of others. There will be 10-12 hours of tuition depending upon the size of the group. At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate. It is advisable before and during a Reiki course to avoid coffee, alcohol and stimulants including tobacco. Maximum group size is 10.

The Reiki Principles


Just for today, do not worry
Just for today, do not anger
Honour your parents, teachers and elders
Earn your living honestly
Show gratitude to every living thing


  • Receive 4 initiations into Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho

  • Learn about the history of Reiki

  • Be introduced to the Reiki principles

  • Practice self-treatment

  • Give treatments to others with the emphasis on good practice and ethics as well as hand positions on the front and back of the body 

  • Learn about the different types of physical and emotional reactions one might experience after a Reiki treatment

  • Discuss Bach Flower Remedies and other forms of energy medicine combined with Reiki as an effective form of treatment

  • Discuss treating children, animals and plants

  • Discuss using Reiki in First Aid situations

Tripuri's Reiki Lineage - (from left to right) Mikao Usui, Churjiro Hayashi, Hawayo Takata, Wanja Twan and Krishni Borang

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